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Physical Review D 82,9 (2010)


The decays of psi(2S) into gamma p (p) over bar, pi(0)p (p) over bar, and eta p (p) over bar have been studied with the CLEO-c detector using a sample of 24.5 X 10(6) psi(2S) events obtained from e(+)e(-) annihilations at root s = 3686 MeV. The data show evidence for the excitation of several N* resonances in p pi(0) and p eta channels in pi(0)p (p) over bar and eta p (p) over bar decays, and f(2) states in gamma p (p) over bar decay. Branching fractions for decays of c psi(2S) to gamma p (p) over bar, pi(0)p (p) over bar, and eta p (p) over bar have been determined. No evidence for p (p) over bar threshold enhancements was found in the reactions psi(2S) -> Xp (p) over bar where X = gamma, pi(0), eta. We do, however, find confirming evidence for a p (p) over bar threshold enhancement in J/psi -> gamma p (p) over bar as previously reported by BES.

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November 2010



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