We welcome scholarly paper submissions to the 4th P-12 Engineering and Design Education Research Summit. Since 2010, the P-12 Summit has been a catalyst for supporting the dissemination of educational research that would enhance in P-12 engineering and design education. The interdisciplinary conference aims to link research, teaching, policy, and engineering practice.


The 4th P-12 Summit will be 100% virtual and hence we are bringing the Summit to your home, office, school, or center! Please join us in this novel approach to support inclusive research by making quality research globally accessible. Join us in this effort to enhance the global impact of your research while supporting our efforts to democratize readership of research through an open-access conference.


The theme of the 4th P-12 Summit is "Imagining 2037 when today's kindergarteners graduate from college" Engineering Education. We invite scholarly submissions on pre-college engineering and design education topics.


We invite three types of paper proposals on pre-college design and engineering education:

(a) research papers,

(b) position papers and visionary commentaries,

(c) curriculum reviews and curricular examplars


Extended abstracts: May 11, 2020

Full paper proposals: July 11, 2020

Full paper revisions: August 11, 2020

Papers published: September 30, 2020

Summit: October 11-13, 2020


Senay Purzer, INSPIRE Pre-college Engineering Research Institute, School of Engineering Education, Purdue University. purzer@purdue.edu

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