The P-12 Engineering and Design Education Research Summit is designed to be a “catalyst for combining scientific argumentation and collaboration that would enhance research in P-12 engineering and design education.” The interdisciplinary conference aims to link research, teaching, policy, and engineering practice.


The theme for the summit is characterizing engineering and design thinking in pre-college settings. We also invite scholarly submissions on other pre-college engineering and design education topics.


Bring together researchers, educators and policy makers who (1) Identify already with the growing community of P-12 engineering education research and/or (2) work in closely related movements in other STEM areas as well as non-STEM disciplines.

Set out to (a) develop a shared understanding of what engineering and design thinking look like when practiced by P-12 learners and other actors in P-12 education, (b) highlight goals for P-12 engineering and design education, (c) develop shared ways of talking about and describing P-12 engineering and design education, (d) identify practices that promote engineering and design learning in P-12 settings and (e) share state-of-the art research on P-12 engineering and design education.

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