Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Graphics Technology

First Advisor

Nathan W. Hartman

Committee Chair

Nathan W. Hartman

Committee Member 1

Daniel A. DeLaurentis

Committee Member 2

Amy B. Mueller


Model-based definition (MBD) has the engineering and manufacturing industries moving towards a model-based enterprise (MBE) where traditional two-dimensional (2D) drawings may one day no longer be needed. With MBD, the product data will be contained in the three-dimensional (3D) computer aided design (CAD) model itself. MBD provides a wealth of benefits to users, including reduced time-to-market, product quality, and task efficiency. Even with all the benefits of MBD, there is still no best practice when it comes to implementing MBD. Different strategies of MBD datasets exist, however none have been compared to see which method is more efficient. This project will investigate different MBD datasets and survey industry professionals to get their opinions on the subject.

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Engineering Commons