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Master of Science (MS)


Computer and Information Technology

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John Springer

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John Springer

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Chad Laux

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Dawn Laux


Food security is a global concern that is addressed by each nation in its unique way. The Public Distribution System (PDS) is the largest food security scheme in India, which distributes food commodities to citizens at subsidized rates.

The onset of technology has been reflected in the PDS and the system has undergone many reforms over the years. The automation of fair price shops (FPS) in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India is one such reform that was implemented in January 2015. The use of unique identification cards called “Aadhar cards” for authentication along with electronic point-of-sale (ePoS) devices is a unique feature of this system. An additional feature of portability has been introduced to enhance beneficiary freedom. The use of real-time online system has led to generation of great volumes of daily transactional data at FPS across all 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh.

This research study had a two-fold approach. The first was to understand and analyze transactions between beneficiaries and FPS within Andhra Pradesh PDS through its website, and the second was to research the possibility of introducing a combined methodology of Six Sigma project selection and big data analytics to enhance the PDS operations in Andhra Pradesh.