Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

First Advisor

Robert L. Nowack

Committee Chair

Robert L. Nowack

Committee Member 1

Lawrence W. Braile

Committee Member 2

Hersh J. Gilbert


Seismic body-wave interferometry is applied to selected seismic stations from the USArray Earthscope Transportable Array (TA) by autocorrelating ambient seismic noise recordings to construct effective zero-offset reflection seismograms. The robustness of the auto-correlations of noise traces is first tested on a TA station in Nevada where body-wave reflections similar to those found in an earlier study are identified. This approach is then applied to several TA stations in the central U.S., and the results are compared with synthetic data. Different stacking time periods are then examined to find the shortest time intervals that provide stable correlation stacks.

A tutorial on 3D seismic processing and imaging using the Madagascar open-source software package is next presented for educational purposes. The 3D Teapot Dome seismic data set is examined to illustrate the processing and imaging steps. A number of processing steps are applied to the data set, including amplitude gaining, muting, deconvolution, static corrections, velocity analysis, normal moveout (NMO) correction, and stacking. Post-stack time and depth migrations are then performed on the stacked data along with post-migration f-x deconvolution.