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Master of Science (MS)


Computer and Information Technology

First Advisor

James E. Dietz

Committee Chair

James E. Dietz

Committee Member 1

Pamela Aaltonen

Committee Member 2

David R. Black


For my project, we chose to do a thesis so that it would better help me out in the future in the case I wanted to get my PhD. My thesis so far has been to develop software that will help POD sites better be able to train their volunteers in the case of an emergency. We have already collected some data for our research from a test POD site that was constructed. We took data on the amount of time it took each volunteer to get an individual actor through the line depending on whether they learned via teacher or by my software. The data helped to prove how beneficial teaching via software could be, due to the fact there wasn’t any missing information, and there was a greater retention rate. Currently I just work at Lowes as a customer service administrator, mostly so I get to interact with customers every day to better understand how to communicate and give the information I would have on my software. The general are that my research has been taken so far is in emergency preparedness, and I would like to continue heading this direction until other opportunities arise.

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