Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Hospitality and Tourism Management

First Advisor

Howard Adler

Committee Chair

Howard Adler

Committee Member 1

Jonathon Day

Committee Member 2

Joseph M. La Lopa


The present thesis reports a content analysis study of state green lodging certification programs (SGLCPs) in the United States. The study explores how the government and industry associations operate and maintain SGLCPs. Through online research, the researcher found that 20 states have SGLCP. There are total 21 programs in operation currently. The study focused on the textual content of the 21 programs' websites.

The study determined the rationale of SGLCPs adoption through analyzing program purposes and certification bodies. The application procedure, assessment process, participation rate, certification levels, recertification process of programs were discussed to figure out whether SGLCPs implement the best practices of certification programs. In addition, program standards were examined through an environmental measurement scheme. Program incentives and benefits were also analyzed to find out the motivation for hotels to enroll SGLCPs. Based on the findings of the present study, suggestions and advises were offered to program registrars, hotel owners and the hotel industry.