Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer and Information Technology

First Advisor

Jeffrey Brewer

Committee Chair

Jeffrey Brewer

Committee Member 1

Kevin Dittman

Committee Member 2

Linda Naimi


Determining skillsets that are particularly important to the development of an effective project manager can be useful for a variety of applications. These applications range from the hiring of a new project manager for an organization to continued training for current employees. Past research has called upon current project managers to rate what skillsets they see as important to the cultivation of an optimal or effective project manager. Additional research has expanded this idea to determine how skillsets vary between project managers and functional managers (El-Sabaa, 2001). While this research is certainly important, skillset grouping can be further explored. This thesis explored the question of if certain skills are more heavily favored depending on the project management methodology in-use by the target organization. This research looked at a wide geographical subset of PMI Chapters in the United States and attempted to find differences in project manager competencies and skills depending on the project management certifications each respondent held. Through this data, the researcher was able to find some interesting data related to the respondents and their expertise and background. The research concludes by presenting final conclusions found in the data and suggesting future research ideas.