Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Graphics Technology

First Advisor

Yingjie Victor Chen

Committee Chair

Yingjie Victor Chen

Committee Member 1

Craig Miller

Committee Member 2

Chunhui Zheng


This study introduced an interaction technique that used tangible interaction for 3D modeling. A hybrid interaction technique using a Kinect camera and a smartphone with a gyroscope was developed for the navigating objects in a 3D modeling software. It was then tested on 20 participants categorized as amateurs who had basic 3D/ CAD modeling experience and 20 participants categorized as the experts who had extensive experience working with the modeling software. This research study presents the need for existence of such interaction technique, gaps from the related previous studies, statistical findings from the current study and possible reasons for the results. The results concluded that the even though the hybrid interaction technique was efficient for both the participant categories and though there existed a statistical significance in efficiency for the amateur category, it did not provide a better user experience for the expert category and user experience for the amateur category was inconclusive. The study suggests that future studies and fine tuning of the current study could have a positive effect on the beginners in 3D modeling without causing a major impact for the experts.