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Master of Science in Building and Construction Management


Building Construction Management

First Advisor

Mark Shaurette

Committee Chair

Mark Shaurette

Committee Member 1

Hazar Dib

Committee Member 2

Travis Horton


This research work involves the study of usage patterns of window blinds by the occupants of a multi-story apartment buildings in Lafayette, IN. The goal of this study is to understand the processes of enhancing comfort by changing window blind positioning through various times of the day. To achieve this the researcher studied the actual window blind usage pattern of the building under consideration. The researcher also surveyed the occupants of the building to record comfort preferences and its effect on window blind usage. The window pattern is simulated into an energy model and its predicted energy consumption is compared with the predicted energy consumption under optimum window blind usage to maximize energy savings. To conclude the study, the researcher will quantify the energy that can be saved by proper positioning of window blinds.

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Architecture Commons