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Master of Science in Building and Construction Management


Building Construction Management

First Advisor

Kirk Alter

Second Advisor

Zarjon Baha

Third Advisor

Robert F. Cox

Committee Chair

Kirk Alter

Committee Co-Chair

Zarjon Baha

Committee Member 1

Robert F. Cox


Having an effective engineering education system in place can play a crucial role in the development and reconstruction process of a war-ravaged country, such as Afghanistan, where tens of billions of dollars of international aid has been spent in the past 14 years for that process, including higher education. Unfortunately, at this point, the Afghan engineering education system is not yet financially self-sufficient nor can it address the education requirements of today’s job market. This thesis aimed to identify the major challenges still faced by Afghanistan and to provide a comprehensive list of recommendations and priorities that can make the current Afghan engineering education system academically competent at the undergraduate level as well as improve its relevancy to the economic development of Afghanistan.