Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Industrial Engineering

First Advisor

Steven J. Landry

Committee Chair

Steven J. Landry

Committee Member 1

Barrett Caldwell

Committee Member 2

Mark Lehto


This study assesses capability of flight dispatchers to adopt enhancements on their display that enables detection of flights in abnormal activities and investigation of the causes. Three approaches were used. First, the expected function for enhancements was designed by collecting information from different places about what technologies are available for consideration. Second, hierarchical task analysis was conducted based on data collected by interviewing a former flight dispatcher in order to assess operational capability to handle the enhancement. Third, based on the results of first two approaches, a display prototype that includes the enhancement was developed and evaluated for usability and eligibility assessment. Results of three assessments found a possibility to enhance the display, and identified technological issues on transmitting and receiving large amount of data wirelessly in long distance, a regulatory issue that may affect effectiveness of the enhancement in certain situations, and usability issues related to the developed prototype.