Date of Award

Summer 2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)


Industrial Engineering

First Advisor

Patrick Brunese

Committee Chair

Patrick Brunese

Committee Member 1

Jose Tanchoco

Committee Member 2

Steven Landry


This thesis proposes a new integrated design framework for solving facility layout problems (FLP). The most popular existing framework, Muther's Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) does not address the variety of design goals associated with facility layout problems and is highly manual and so time consuming to perform. Furthermore, the SLP framework does not help the designer select a modeling tool to use in developing design alternatives, either by defining what a requisite model would include, or explicitly suggesting ones from literature. With the advancements made in academic research and computational capabilities since the development of the SLP framework, a new framework was needed to better address varying design goals, and assist designers in the selection of appropriate models. The framework proposed here guides the designer through determination of model requirements to meet their design goals by framing the FLP in terms of "Design Layers". In addition, it proposes candidate models (or methodologies) to generate analytically derived solutions for design goals such as construction of simple block layouts, or determination of input/output points and flow paths in order to create detailed block layouts. The models and methodologies proposed are shown to rapidly reach good candidate solutions to a wide range of design problems.