Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Technology Leadership and Innovation

First Advisor

Edie Schmidt

Committee Chair

Edie Schmidt

Committee Member 1

Henry Kraebber

Committee Member 2

Regena Scott


The concept of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was developed to integrate data efficiently and eliminate redundancy within organizations. Worldwide industries rely on ERP systems to keep a competitive advantage in world market place. Besides, cross-functional knowledge is required in industry. It is critical that schools integrate ERP concepts and methods in to academic curricula for Technology and Engineering School.

This thesis examined the effectiveness of a simulation game as a method for teaching for ERP systems in Technology and Engineering. The quasi-experimental design was used in this study to determine if the SAP simulation game had an impact on students' understanding of the ERP related concepts.

Technology students used a business simulation game that featured SAP-ERP transactions and reports to learn about business systems. Student leaning of business systems was tested before and after playing the simulation game. Student knowledge of specific terminology was higher following the simulation game.