Date of Award

Spring 2015

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Building and Construction Management


Building Construction Management

First Advisor

Randy R Rapp

Committee Member 1

Joseph J Orczyk

Committee Member 2

Bradley L Benhart


A facility manager of a campus, in the present times, is usually confused about the scope of his or her job as the expectations of the building owners or employees have increased. (Cotts, Roper & Payant, 2010) The expectations, along with the constant evolution of the construction industry, have created a need for people in this profession to progress along with the times and increase their understanding of the industry. The job description of a facilities manager also varies depending upon the purpose of a facility. The study focused on determining the competencies that are required to become an efficient facilities manager of educational institutions. The amount of research with respect to healthcare facility management is large but very limited research has been done on facilities management of educational institutions. "Except for healthcare projects, the college and university market represents the largest annual construction volume in the United States, primarily because of the wide variety of projects in new work and renovations that are undertaken every year, including instructional, research, residential, athletic, administrative, and support space" (Smith, 2001) Hence the need of the hour is to determine a common list of competencies for facilities managers of an educational campus. The research process included the collection of data using a survey questionnaire with the facilities managers of educational institutions across the country industry as the sample. The result of this study was a properly defined manual documenting the list of competencies required to become a competent facilities manager.