Date of Award

Summer 2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Makarand Hastak

Committee Member 1

Jan Olek

Committee Member 2

Jusang Lee


This paper presents the development process of modified pull-off test for measurement of in-situ pavement interface bonding strength. The modified test method was validated using two case studies (i.e., delaminated vs. non-delaminated pavements on I-65 and intelligent compacted vs. non-intelligent compacted pavements on US-52) and used for developing a correlation model for estimating a probability of delamination failure at a given pull-off bonding strength. In addition, methodologies for probabilistic interpretations with pull-off test results were explored.

The results demonstrated that the modified pull-off test showed its applicability in measurement of interface bonding condition with both weak and strong conditions. Additionally, its results revealed the statistically significant difference between pull-off bonding strength between delaminated and non-delaminated pavement sections. Another result was The different compaction practices (with and without employing the IC technology) were a minor factor influencing the interface bond condition of the US-52 test pavement sections. Using the pull-off test results, correlation between the pull-off bonding strength and the delamination was modeled and evaluated by the statistical analysis in this study. Based on the model, the methodologies with threshold-based and severity-based delamination estimation are introduced and deemed to be effective in assessment of pavement condition.