Date of Award

Summer 2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer and Information Technology

First Advisor

Alejandra J. Magana

Committee Member 1

John A. Springer

Committee Member 2

Jeffrey L. Brewer


Every employee has different abilities as well as experience, leading to different results in terms of skills and job performance. In order to improve employee IT skills, organizations should evaluate their employees' skills to understand the current levels of skills and knowledge and to figure out areas where skills are currently lacking.

This study used a different approach than other existing methods to evaluate the IT skills of employees. The research used quantitative empirical data that represents the work experience of employees based on their task history and job positions. The suggested method defines the relationship between IT skills and IT task activities and between IT skills and job positions. The numerical analysis method was made and used to calculate scores that express the level of work experience and skills of employees. A tool was developed with computer programming in order to embody the method and make the best use of the method, and case studies were performed in order to test the validity of the method with three cases. According to results of the case study, the same or similar skills were estimated in accordance with the same or similar work experience.