Date of Award

Spring 2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Aviation Technology

First Advisor

Mary E. Johnson

Committee Member 1

Denver W. Lopp

Committee Member 2

Michael W. Suckow


This research proposes a method to simulate the flight delay effects of the NextGen program against an actual flight schedule. With the advent of the NextGen program and the substantial cost associated with the program, this research studies the impact the NextGen program may have on flight delays, an area critical to air carrier operations. This research is based on historical results from the summer of 2013 flight schedule to study the impact of a simulated NextGen implementation. The research studied aircraft on a given day looking specifically at the propagation effects of a flight delay and how it would change the total delay for a day. This study was conducted used a delay reduction distribution applied to historical flight delays attributed to the National Airspace System category. The research found a significant reduction in median flight delays per aircraft per day between the simulation results and historical delay. The delay reduction distribution was sampled to estimate the reduction for each segment in the flights for an aircraft's day. Therefore, only reductions of delay or no changes to delay are possible in this study..