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Master of Arts (MA)


Visual and Performing Arts

Committee Chair

F. Reobert Sabol

Committee Member 1

Kathryn Reeves

Committee Member 2

David Parrish


Bowman, Lacey C. M.A., Purdue University, December 2013. A Study of Teacher Evaluation Effectiveness Models in American Schools. Major Professor: F. Robert Sabol, Ph.D.

The quality of education in America is an issue currently being examined through various perspectives. The use of a teacher effectiveness evaluation model is one method used to determine the link between student achievement and the instructional practices of the teacher. The study reported here will focus on the factors leading up to the increased attention on student achievement in American schools, the role of teacher effectiveness evaluation models in delivering a quality education, and the consequences of using such evaluation models. A comparison will be made between the models developed by Charlotte Danielson and Robert Marzano. In addition, the study compares these models to three teacher effectiveness evaluation models being used in public school systems across America. The relationship between teacher effectiveness evaluation models and delivering a quality education will be discussed in terms of how it relates to what is known about how students learn effectively.