Date of Award

Spring 2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of School Administration (MSA)


Technology Leadership and Innovation

First Advisor

Kathryne A. Newton

Committee Member 1

Regena Scott

Committee Member 2

Rodney Vandeveer


An organization's effectiveness is predicated upon the degree of fit and alignment of its internal components. Organizational effectiveness and alignment are both essential to successfully create and implement strategies within an organization. An animal humane society suffering from employee turnover wanted to improve their organizational effectiveness. There were strategies and recommendations provided for employee turnover; in hope of successful implementation, the researcher investigated the animal humane society further by evaluating the current state of the organization with an organizational framework. The McKinsey 7s's Strategic Readiness Survey derived from the McKinsey 7s framework was used to evaluate the current state of the factors within the organization that influenced organizational effectiveness and the successful creation and implementation of strategies. Analyzed and interpreted data from the survey revealed that the current state of all factors had been recognized as a problem and to address them some action plans had been initiated. Based upon the results, the researcher recommended reviewing and revising the strategies and recommendations created for employee turnover to ensure all McKinsey 7s factors were taken into consideration. The tactic was viewed as a way to implement strategies to minimize employee turnover while improving the current state of the McKinsey 7s factors and the animal humane society's organizational effectiveness.