Date of Award

Spring 2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Technology Leadership and Innovation

First Advisor

Edie Schmidt

Committee Member 1

Maria-Ribera Sancho

Committee Member 2

Chad Laux


This research study takes a look at the sustainable attitude/awareness level and practices of over-the-road logistics companies operating in Indiana. It has a descriptive study design, providing information in an area that has not been previously analyzed. As the world adopts a "greener" mindset with the purpose of reducing the carbon footprint, this study helps lead the way towards this goal. It allows for the performance of further research into the reasons certain companies focus on sustainable practices more than others. Eventually, the hope is to increase the amount of companies operating sustainably.

The research study included an in-depth literature review of the current transportation business in Indiana and of studies assessing companies' sustainable attitudes, awareness, and practices. A web-based survey was used to gather information from 42 respondents. At least 25 different companies were represented in the study.

The results from the survey displayed the respondents' demographic information as well as their responses to 18 sustainability practice and awareness questions incorporating a 5-point Likert scale. The sample consisted of participants with varying levels of sustainable logistics knowledge and awareness. Companies' respondents showed a high priority in economic sustainability practices and a low priority in societal sustainability practices. Larger companies, which employed 10,000 or more people, appeared to have better overall sustainability awareness and practices than smaller companies. As a whole, the sample's sustainability commitment was low. Government policies need to be implemented to instigate change in a positive direction. Companies must adopt a sustainable mindset for significant changes to take effect.