Date of Award


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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)


Mechanical Engineering

Committee Chair

David J. Cappelleri

Committee Member 1

George T. Chin

Committee Member 2

Raymond J. Cipra


A complete micro-manipulation and assembly system is proposed in this work, capable of manipulation of parts at the micro/meso scale, path-planning, assembly sequencing planning and flexible soldering to attach these parts in the final assembly. The work presented here addresses the issues associated with interacting with objects at such a small scale and their interactions with the environment by looking at various manipulation and assembly tasks, providing solutions to these problems, and analyzing the results. First, the problem of assembling is resolved using a Sub-Assembly based Sequence Planning algorithm which was implemented in this system and the results are demonstrated by performing assembly tasks for different configurations. In the next chapter, the aforementioned issues are treated using push based manipulation methods to move the parts. A machine learning based approach is presented and is augmented with a real-time path planning algorithm to move these in an obstacle prone environment. Lastly, a system for performing flexible soldering at these scales is presented for tackling the problem of joining parts together once they have been assembled.