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Master of Science (MS)


Health and Kinesiology

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Steve Amireault

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Sean P. Lane

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Yumary Ruiz


Background. Recent studies have shown evidence of a positive relationship between alcohol consumption and physical activity among college students. However, the association is weak and there is high variability across studies with respect to the measurement of both behaviors and analysis methods. Purpose. Two studies are contained within this research. The aim of Study 1 was to provide reliability and validity evidence for the use and interpretation of the measurement instruments in college students. The specific aims of Study 2 were (1) to determine whether the feeling of guilt related to alcohol use mediates the alcohol use—physical activity behavior association, and (2) to determine whether body image (i.e., appearance evaluation and appearance orientation sub dimensions) moderates the alcohol consumption—physical activity behavior association in college students (18–25 years). Methods. Participants for both studies were sent invitation emails to an online survey through Purdue Registrar Request. Study 2 participants were sent a link to a follow-up survey 30-days after the sending of the initial invitation email. Variables measured by the surveys included physical activity, alcohol consumption, guilt from drinking, body image, extraversion, and demographic characteristics. Study 1 Results. Reliability evidence was gathered for all measures. Validity evidence was gathered for body image measures (appearance evaluation and orientation sub-dimensions), but not for the guilt from drinking scale. Study 2 Results. 596 Participants completed the survey at Time 1, 239 of which completed the survey at Time 2 as well. Alcohol consumption and physical activity were positively related, with small effect sizes. No mediation effect of guilt from drinking was found. In the cross-sectional data (Time 1), appearance evaluation was shown to moderate the association, resulting in a stronger association between frequency and quantity of alcohol consumption and physical activity frequency among those with lower levels of appearance evaluation. Conclusion. Consistent with previous literature, we found a significant positive association between alcohol use and physical activity. Those who are less satisfied with their appearance may exhibit a stronger relationship between these behaviors.