Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Graphics Technology

Committee Chair

Esteban Garcia

Committee Member 1

Cheryl Qian

Committee Member 2

Nancy Rasche


This master’s research study aims to contribute to the general body of HCI research focused on resettled refugees. No study in this field has been conducted with resettled refugees from Indianapolis, Indiana. There are many challenges and barriers that resettled refugees face before, during and after resettlement. This qualitative study explores the challenges that refugees in Indianapolis face after resettlement when they seek healthcare resources and services, and how technology and design can be used to help address those challenges by conducting co-design workshops. This research compares the perceptions of service providers with the perceptions of resettled refugees to discover if they are in agreement about the needs and challenges refugees face. There are three pilot studies and one major study that were conducted in order to gain insights of participant perceptions. The major study resulted in a solution designed with refugees to help address a healthcare access challenge. The solution reached the stage of proof of concept and has further revisions that will take place.