Date of Award


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Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)


Industrial Engineering

Committee Chair

Seokcheon Lee

Committee Member 1

Shimon Nof

Committee Member 2

Hua Cai


In this research, a new variant of vehicle routing problem is introduced. Fuel consumption constitutes a significant component of transportation costs especially when large volumes of goods are transported using means of transportation such as aircrafts. Hence, the objective of this research is to perform efficient routing of a heterogeneous fleet of vehicles such that fuel consumption costs are minimized. Reduced fuel consumption also reduces greenhouse gases emission and creates a positive impact on the environment. Another unique characteristic studied is the dependence between load carried by a vehicle and the maximum distance it can travel without stopping. Weight of fuel is considered along with the load carried for vehicle capacity constraints. Split delivery and time window constraints are also considered. A mathematical model for the new problem has been developed. It has been implemented to solve a real-world case study for express delivery of goods. An initial solution greedy algorithm and a tabu search heuristic algorithm have also been developed in order to solve large scale instances of the problem. Comparison with optimal solution suggests that a good solution can be obtained using the heuristic algorithm in relatively short time.