Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Richard Mark French

Committee Member 1

Nancy L. Denton

Committee Member 2

José M. Garcia Bravo


Common applications of engineering-based systems are theoretically modeled utilizing integer order based mathematical operations. On occasion, integer order based mathematical methods do not accurately model the complete system behavior due to the underlying physics of the system. However, fractional order models are applied to better assess the accuracy of these systems and create the appropriate model. Fractional calculus is considered by mathematicians to be a special case for real system analysis. However, a specific case of fractional order analysis of real systems has the tendency of resulting in solutions that are paradoxical in nature. Therefore, fractional order models have not been widely utilized in the field of engineering. On the other hand, an experimental validation of an engineering model allows for a quantitative analysis between fractional order models and conventional models. The proposed validations allow for identification of the appropriate model based on the underlying physics of the system. Therefore, to analyze the shear stress of an object going through a homogenous field, an experimental study is designed in a controlled environment to address issues with previous studies in the field. The experimental data will provide a comparison between theoretical models. The comparison is used to validate the accuracy of an existing conventional model versus a proposed fractional order model for the designed system.