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Master of Science in Building and Construction Management


Building Construction Management

Committee Chair

Randy R. Rapp

Committee Member 1

Hyon Joo Kwon

Committee Member 2

Mark Shaurette

Committee Member 3

Kirk Alter


The issue this study addresses is the apparent lack of curbless showers with grab bars and shower seats being displayed in builder’s model homes. Claims are they are excluded because consumers do not like to envision themselves as getting older or infirm. The purpose of the study is to query consumers of all age groups on their perception of photographed showers with and without curbs, grab bars and shower seats regarding safety, comfort and visual appeal. Data was collected using a survey instrument which featured several photographs of four different showers. Respondents were asked to rate their perceptions using a six point Likert scale on each photograph’s safety, comfort and visual appeal. Practical implications involve encouraging the inclusion of accessible amenities specific to showers in residential environments to better prepare the United States housing stock to accommodate the growing number of aging senior who want to age in place.