Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Aviation and Aerospace Management


Aviation Technology

Committee Chair

Brian Kozak

Committee Member 1

Sarah Hubbard

Committee Member 2

Timothy Ropp


As high ultra-high resolution aerial imaging becomes inexpensive and easily acquired through unmanned aerial systems, UAS, inspection industries are presented with the opportunity to reduce cost without reducing inspection quality. UAS technology allows for images to be taken at a relatively low cost with accuracy equivalent to laser scanning systems. A UAS equipped with a camera can be used to create a three dimensional orthomosaic model of an aircraft. This model has the potential to: increase the speed of visual inspections, increase the safety of visual inspections, improve maintenance training practices, and allow for aircraft condition tracking. The creation of this model is the goal of this research. The researcher will use a readily available UAS as well as a readily available camera. These are chosen to determine if these models can be created without specialized equipment. The research performed in this thesis suggests that specialized equipment will be required to create a model accurate enough for aircraft maintenance use.