Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)


Technology Leadership and Innovation

Committee Chair

Kathryne Newton

Committee Member 1

Mitchell Springer

Committee Member 2

Stacy Connaughton


Virtual teams are necessary for organizations to remain competitive in today’s global society, but the complexities of virtual team environments impart strain on virtual teams to perform key team activities. Although virtual teams are expected to deliver complex projects, training for communicating in virtual teams is often overlooked. This thesis was conducted using a systematic literature review of peer-reviewed articles from 2012-2017 to identify elements of communication that contributed to virtual team effectiveness and communication best practices that may be perceived as prescriptive content for virtual team communication training. The results of this study suggest that virtual team communication training should include best practices related to: (a) communication structures, (b) communication channels, (c) characteristics of emergent leader communication, and (d) culture and communication.