Date of Award


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Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering


Nuclear Engineering

Committee Chair

Lefteri H. Tsoukalas

Committee Member 1

Chan K. Choi

Committee Member 2

Mary Comer

Committee Member 3

Miltiadis Alamaniotis


At first, simulated γ-ray spectra for a set of 25 radionuclides, have been produced using the “Gamma Detector Response and Analysis Software (GADRAS)”. For each of these profiles (counts/kev vs energy), a Gaussian “Radial Basis Function” (RBF) network has been trained to represent it by an analytic closed form expression. Hence a library consisting of 25 RBF-networks, for the corresponding radionuclides, has been built. Secondly, a method for identifying the presence of radionuclides in the spectrum of an unknown source has been developed, assuming that the source contains a mixture of the considered radionuclides only. A linear combination of the library profiles is compared to the actual spectrum, and constrained optimization techniques are applied to minimize the deviation in a least-squares sense.