Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Acountancy (MSA)


Basic Medical Sciences

Committee Chair

Chun-Ju Chang

Committee Member 1

Sulma Mohammed

Committee Member 2

Jer-Yen Yang


Epigenetic control plays a key role in regulation of stem cell fate and tumorigenesis. My research project is focused on determining the physiological and pathological roles of a critical epigenetic regulator, TET2, in regulation of mammary stem cell fate and mammary gland development using a mouse model with mammary specific deletion of the Tet2 gene. Our data show that knock-out of Tet2 in mouse mammary gland leads to disrupted mammary epithelial morphology and aberrant mammary stem cell (MaSC) fate determination, contributing to an expansion of the MaSC population and development of mammary lesions. Since aberrant MaSC fate is often linked to tumorigenesis, our studies will not only reveal novel mechanisms by which the MaSC fate is regulated, but also provide new strategies used for breast cancer treatment.