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Master of Arts (MA)



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April Ginther

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Margie Berns

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Tony Silva


Much has been written about learner Willingness to Communicate (WTC) in a second language. Multiple factors, including anxiety, motivation, personality, and context, have been identified as contributing to language learners’ willingness (or lack thereof) to attempt to communicate in a second language. Current research has identified these factors, yet there has been very little work done on how to facilitate WTC in learners or provide instructors with specific strategies and tools to utilize in the classroom. This thesis will undertake a historical overview of the development of WTC theory, examine the main antecedents to WTC, and finally examine current research to discover recommended classroom practices, then proposes a tool called communication for academic and social life (CASL) that university EAP instructors and students can use to develop WTC in classroom and social contexts. I will discuss how to introduce and implement CASL, then examine several scenarios to see how CASL can be used by learners and instructors to promote communication in a variety of contexts, both in and out of class.