Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Graphics Technology

Committee Chair

Nathan W Hartman

Committee Member 1

Timothy D Ropp

Committee Member 2

Paul Parsons


The use of Model-based definition (MBD) over 2D drawings is slowly becoming a reality in most organizations. The MBD models are intended to replace drawings in all downstream processes including technical publication. Technical authors have for long relied on engineering drawings as one of the inputs to create maintenance manuals. There exists no frameworks or models that can help define the contents of an MBD dataset for creation of maintenance manuals. The intent of this study was to develop one such model specific to creation of Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs). A survey and an optional follow-up interview was used to understand the information consumed by the technical authors to create CMMs. Upon completion of data collection and data analysis phase, a preliminary model of an MBD dataset was derived. The research was unable to identify a complete MBD dataset, but primary elements or the base elements of that dataset were identified through the preliminary model.