Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Visual and Performing Arts

First Advisor

Steve Visser

Committee Chair

Steve Visser

Committee Member 1

Zhenyu Qian

Committee Member 2

Li Zhang


This paper introduces a new method to assist visually-impaired people to find what they need in order to complete cooking. Following the design thinking made by me at the beginning of my research, I started to create a new design based on target users` suggestions and preferences. This study focuses on the demands and user experiences of visually impaired people, the integration of design principles adapted from industrial design, user-centered design, and interaction design. I recorded the daily activities of the visually impaired individuals, and then investigated the most reasonable and effective solutions. My method of recording these individuals’ daily activates was via verbal interview, video recording interview, and online user research. Each method offered particular advantages to identifying the specific demands and needs of the visually impaired. With these methods, I conducted a series of user studies in order to understand the features of each research method including advantages and disadvantages. Then I devised my original design concept through the synthesis of research results. During the last round of the study, I shared my design with visually impaired persons in order to test the effectiveness of the new design by comparing visually impaired people`s activities with and without this new design.