Date of Award

Spring 2015

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Dr. Joseph P. Ogas

Committee Chair

Dr. Joseph P. Ogas

Committee Member 1

Dr. Scott D. Briggs

Committee Member 2

Dr. Clinton C.S. Chapple

Committee Member 3

Dr. Ourania M. Andrisani


The correct development of different organisms requires the precise timing of genes important for development transitions. Organisms have recruited ATP-dependent chromatin remodelers to ensure the correct timing of gene expression during developmental transitions. Here I show how different CHD ATP-dependent chromatin remodelers regulate developmental transitions of different organisms. I show that PICKLE not only promotes H3K27me3 during development to repress developmental genes but also is targeted to these genes. The association of PICKLE to these genes suggests that both repression and H3K27me3 levels is a direct action of PICKLE on these loci. Using zebrafish as a model system, I show that a similar CHD ATP-dependent chromatin remodeler, CHD5, promotes correct development of zebrafish embryos. A new ChIP protocol that analyzes both histone modifications and PKL targeting inArabidopsis that takes advantage of less reagents and sample and greatly increases the speed of analysis. This would allow us to replicate the data received using high throughput methods.