Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Chair

Michael Manfra

Committee Co-Chair

Gerhard Klimeck

Committee Member 1

Rajib Rahman

Committee Member 2

Gabor Csathy

Committee Member 3

Chris Greene


Quantum computing is becoming increasingly important due to its potential in solving complex optimization problems such as protein folding, and the ability to model correlated electronic systems. Designing of semiconductor based quantum computers is challenging due to the vast number of parameters that need to be optimized from fabrication to their operation. Simulations of these devices could help with the design process. A computational modeling framework is presented that can model quantum point contacts and quantum dots, which are the building blocks of semiconductor based quantum computers. Care was taken to minimize the number of parameters, and use only those parameters that are connected directly to the devices and materials. The devices for fractional quantum Hall effect based topological quantum computers and electron spin based quantum computers are considered. The simulation results matched experiments, based on which predictions for improved devices are made.