Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Hospitality and Tourism Management

Committee Chair

Howard Adler

Committee Member 1

Sandra Sydnor

Committee Member 2

Susan Gordon

Committee Member 3

Timothy R. Peoples


The purpose of this research is to show independent restaurateurs the value that Web site analytics can have on providing data about the visitors to their Web site and the marketing opportunities these data provide. The study surveyed customers about their restaurant Web site browsing behaviors and analyzed Web site analytical data of a casual dining restaurant in the Midwest. Analysis was conducted using t-tests and analysis of variance. Findings indicated that certain browsing behaviors were associated with an increased number of reservations and visitation to the restaurant Web site prior to dining impacted average check. The study is the first in the context of an independent restaurant and offers the opportunity for further research to be conducted. Implications, limitations and recommendations for future studies are also discussed.