Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Committee Chair

Kiril Datchev

Committee Member 1

Donatella Danielli

Committee Member 2

Antonio Sa Barreto

Committee Member 3

Plamen Stefanov


In this thesis, we prove weighted resolvent upper bounds for semiclassical Schr¨odinger operators. These upper bounds hold in the semiclassical limit. First, we consider operators in dimension two when the potential is Lipschitz with long range decay. We prove that the resolvent norm grows at most exponentially in the inverse semiclassical parameter, while near infinity it grows at most linearly. Both of these bounds are optimal. Second, we work in any dimension and require that the potential belong to L∞ and have compact support. Again, we find that the weighted resolvent norm grows at most exponentially, but this time with an additional loss in the exponent. Finally, we apply the resolvent bounds to prove two logarithmic local energy decay rates for the wave equation, one when the wavespeed is a compactly supported Lipschitz perturbation of unity, and the other when the wavespeed is a compactly supported L∞ perturbation of unity.