Date of Award

January 2015

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Rakesh Agrawal

Committee Member 1

Bryan W Boudouris

Committee Member 2

Carol A Handwerker

Committee Member 3

Michael T Harris


Over the last few decades, it has become evident that current energy production for humanity since the industrial revolution has incurred the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in rampant pollution, global warming, ocean acidification and other disastrous environmental effects. The continued emission GHGs is a direct result of the predominant use of fossil fuels to meet an exponentially increasing global energy demand. Development of sustainable energy technologies is a global imperative to avoid future catastrophe. Photovoltaics (PV) are an ideal resource that allows us to convert our greatest supply of energy, sunlight, directly into our greatest source of energy consumption, electricity.