Date of Award

Fall 2013

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Curriculum & Instruction

First Advisor

Janet Alsup

Committee Chair

Janet Alsup

Committee Member 1

Melanie Shoffner

Committee Member 2

Judith Lysaker

Committee Member 3

Bonnie Sonnek


This study demonstrates the need for the integration of multiculturalism in the K-12 curriculum as well as provides a heuristic based on the work conducted by Sleeter and Grant (2009) to evaluate literature for level of multiculturalism. In the study, the researcher uses an evaluate heuristic to critically analyze and evaluation ten of the books from the 2011-2012 Young Hoosier Book Award (YHBA) nominee list. The heuristic created for this study is applied to the books appearing on the YHBA nominee list to evaluate each book on an individual basis, but also by association, the types of books that that tend to appeal to those who select and vote for the books that receive the YHBA. The researcher concludes by summarizing the ways the 2011-2012 YHBA nominees promote multiculturalism and the possible pedagogical implications for their classroom use. By using the various charts for evaluation themselves, parents and educators can gain a greater understanding of the type of multiculturalism (if any) being promoted within curricular materials that are used with their children and students.