Support for successful aging in place requires an understanding of the factors that impede or support health promotion behaviors. Nurse-led monthly follow-up calls between annual wellness visits (AWV) offer the opportunity to both provide support and collect data which can inform development of effective health promotion strategies. The aim of this research was to provide ongoing support for health promotion efforts and explore factors playing a role in meeting AWV recommendations. A total of 144 visit summaries for 47 Medicare beneficiaries (65+) who had completed an AWV within the last year were analyzed using a thematic approach. Themes were organized into 7 categories with findings indicating the complexity of factors which influence health promotion behaviors. The importance of ensuring personalization of health promotion recommendations using data collected during the AWV and provision of ongoing support between visits may enhance health outcomes.


This is the accepted manuscript of Simpson, Vicki & Edwards, Nancy & Kovich, Melissa. (2021). Conversations about wellness: A qualitative analysis of patient narratives post annual wellness visit. Geriatric Nursing. 42. 681-686. 10.1016/j.gerinurse.2021.03.001.


Health Promotion, Healthy Aging, Annual Wellness Visit, Geriatric Nursing

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