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The Challenges of Minoritized Contingent Faculty in Higher Education offers a probing and unvarnished look at the employment challenges of these faculty members in four-year institutions. With dramatic shifts in the faculty workforce and nearly three-quarters of instructional positions in United States institutions now off the tenure track, contingent faculty have become the essential, frontline workers of higher education. Remarkably little research attention has focused on the experiences of minoritized contingent faculty in this new academic underclass. Based on in-depth interviews coupled with extensive research, the book highlights the double marginalization that can occur due to secondary employment status in the academic hierarchy, and the exclusion resulting from the intersectionality of nondominant social identities including race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability. As the first-person narratives reveal, these faculty often struggle for acceptance, recognition, and rewards in the day-to-day academic environment, and they can face devaluation of their contributions. As a pragmatic and concrete resource, this book offers proactive workforce strategies and key structural and policy recommendations that will assist academic and administrative leaders, including presidents, provosts, department chairs, and chief diversity officers, in building more inclusive working conditions for contingent faculty.



Publication Date

Winter 11-15-2023


Purdue University Press


West Lafayette


contingent faculty, non-tenured faculty, adjunct, BIPOC faculty, minoritized faculty, intersectionality, faculty diversity, new faculty majority, faculty workforce models, two-tiered faculty model, neoliberal, corporatization of higher education, DEI, academia, diversity, equity, and inclusion, DEIA, access, human resources, Black Indigenous people of color faculty, higher education policy, labor, adjunct faculty, essential workers, university, college


Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Leadership | Higher Education | Higher Education Administration


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The Challenges of Minoritized Contingent Faculty in Higher Education