Noise analysis and sensitivity enhancement in immunomagnetic nanomechanical biosensors

Kutay Icoz, Purdue
Brian D. Iverson, Purdue
Cagri Savran, Purdue

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We report noise and detection limitations in cantilever-based immunomagnetic biosensors. A differential cantilever system with sensing and control arms was used whereby the control arm was passivated with bovine serum albumin BSA and the sensing arm was functionalized with biotin-BSA. Streptavidin-coated magnetic beads were exposed to cantilever arms. An oscillatory magnetic field induced a magnetic force on the beads which caused a relative deflection of the sensing arm. Increasing the excitation frequency suppressed the 1/ f noise by 100-fold, resulting in a deflection resolution of 0.065 Å in air.