Growth of Single Crystal Graphene Arrays by Locally Controlling Nucleation on Polycrystalline Cu Using Chemical Vapor Deposition

Wei Wu
Luis A. Jauregui, Purdue University
Zhihua Su
Zhihong Liu
Jiming Bao
Yong P. Chen, Purdue University
Qingkai Yu

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Advanced Materials: Volume 23, Issue 42, 9 November 2011. Pages 4898–4903


Spatially ordered arrays of single crystal graphene grains are synthesized by locally controlling nucleation on polycrystalline Cu using chemical vapor deposition. The grains can be transferred on an arbitrary substrate for further characterization and device fabrication. This offers a way to potentially fabricate graphene-based devices by regular microelectronic processes free of graphene grain boundaries and with more reliable performances.


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology