Scattering in Si-nanowires - Where Does it Matter?

Gerhard Klimeck, Purdue University - Main Campus
Mathieu Luiser, Purdue University

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Electron transport is computed in 3nm Si nanowires subject to incoherent scattering from phonons. The electronic structure of the nanowire is represented in an atomistic sp3d5s* tight binding basis. Phonon modes are computed in an atomistic valence force field rather than a continuum deformation potential. Atomistic transport and incoherent scattering are coupled through the non-equilibrium Green function formalism (NEGF) in our new OMEN simulator. Energy loss due to phonon emission is shown to lead to a resistive potential drop in the emitter of the nanowire. Phonon absorption is shown to increase the current in a band-to-band-tunneling configuration.


Electronic Devices and Semiconductor Manufacturing