Intrinsic Reliability Improvement in Biaxially Strained SiGe p-MOSFETs

S. Deora, Indian Institute of Bombay
Abhijeet Paul, NCN, Purdue University
R. Bijesh, Indian Institute of Bombay
J. Huang, Sematech, Austin
Gerhard Klimeck, NCN, Purdue University
G. Bersuker, Sematech, Austin
P. D. Krisch, Sematech, Austin
R. Jammy, Sematech, Austin

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Accepted for publication Dec. 6, 2010


In this letter we not only show improvement in the performance but also in the reliability of 30nm thick biaxially strained SiGe (20%Ge) channel on Si p-MOSFETs. Compared to Si channel, strained SiGe channel allows larger hole mobility (μh) in the transport direction and alleviates charge flow towards the gate oxide. μh enhancement by 40% in SiGe and 100% in Si-cap SiGe is observed compared to the Si hole universal mobility. A ~40% reduction in NBTI degradation, gate leakage and flicker noise (1/f) is observed which is attributed to a 4% increase in the hole-oxide barrier height (φ) in SiGe. Similar field acceleration factor (Γ) for threshold voltage shift (ΔVT) and increase in noise (ΔSVG) in Si and SiGe suggests identical degradation mechanisms.


Electrical and Electronics