Sub-threshold study of undoped trigate nFinFET

G C. Tettamanzi, Delft Univ Technol
G P. Lansbergen, Delft Univ Technol
A Paul, Purdue University - Main Campus
Sunhee Lee, Purdue University - Main Campus
P A. Deosarran, Delft Univ Technol
N Collaert, InterUniv Microelect
Gerhard Klimeck, Network for Computational Nanotechnology, Purdue University
S Biesemans, InterUniv Microelect
S Rogge, Delft Univ Technol

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Modern MOSFET devices with undoped channel have a non-trivial current distribution, which is gate voltage dependent In our work we have studied the sub-threshold behavior of undoped triple gate MOSFETs (FinFETs) using a thermionic transport model We have analyzed the conductance data of such devices. and from this, we have been able to determine the evolution of both the active cross-section area of the channel and the barrier height as a function of the gate voltage The result of our experiments shows good agreement with tight binding simulations and with analytical results. This confirms the validity of the use of our thermonic approach to Study transport in sub-micrometer size FinFET devices and not only in micrometer size samples specially made for characterizations.


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