Microfluidic Pumping Based on Traveling-Wave Dielectrophoresis

Liu Dong, University of Houston
Suresh Garimella, School of Mechanical Engineering

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This article presents a microfluidic pumping approach using traveling-wave dielectrophoresis (twDEP) of microparticles. With this approach, the flow is generated directly in the microfluidic devices by inducing strong electromechanical effects in the fluid using integrated microelectrodes. The fluidic driving mechanisms due to the particle-fluid and particle-particle interactions under twDEP are analyzed, and the induced flow field is obtained from numerical simulations. Experimental measurements of the flow velocity in a prototype DEP micropumping device show satisfactory agreement with the numerical predications. Results from this work indicate that the DEP-induced micropumping scheme holds great promise for devising versatile, self-contained microscale fluidic delivery systems.


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology