Experimental Characterization of Induction Electrohydrodynamics for Integrated Microchannel Pumping

Brian D. Iverson, Purdue
S V. Garimella, Purdue Univ

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Microscale fluid flow using traveling-wave induction electrohydrodynamics is demonstrated. A three-phase traveling-wave device fabricated for the experiments provides a temporally and spatially varying electric field which helps induce ions in a fluid that is subjected to a temperature gradient. These ions are moved as the traveling wave propagates, resulting in a drag force being exerted on the surrounding fluid. Repulsion-type electrohydrodynamic flow is visualized in a microchannel of depth 50 μm, and results are presented in terms of velocity measurements using particle image velocimetry. The effects of voltage, traveling-wave frequency and the addition of externally applied heat are demonstrated and heat transfer capabilities of the micropump are discussed.


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